In Transit

It was with some trepidation that I passed through the departure lounges at Vienna International Airport (affectionately abbreviated to VIA on buses and other corporate paraphenalia) on my way to Varna in the summer. I was in two minds about executing a Viennese Whirl as I waltzed past all the stores, and was perhaps held back by the thought that it could end up in a Freudian slip.

I was most disappointed not to have found any Freudian memorabilia at the airport. A pencil and eraser set would have been perfect for recording and correcting all sorts of mistakes. The place was dominated by Mozart and, playing second fiddle to him, Gustav Klimt – more renowned of course for his art work. Strangely, my manager has the same initials as Gustav – wonder how I can use this sudden insight?

It was good to be travelling to Varna via VIA.

I would like to thank my pal Alliterative Al for help with this post – he may appear again.


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