Plumbing New Depths – further misadventures in DIY

I think the passing of a fortnight has given me sufficient distance to record my ill-fated attempts to install a new tap in the kitchen. It all looked so straightforward, once I had worked out a contorted position that was not too painful to gain access to the securing nut. It all fell apart as I started to disconnect the flexi bits, only to find they had been installed in a rather strange way, the whole system under the sink looking very Heath Robinson-ish. Needless to say, I somehow or other caused a leak I could not stop, resulting in having to call out an emergency plumber – not a good idea for an incompetent delusional DIY-er to attempt something like that on a Sunday. At the same time, unwittingly I had turned off the water to my neighbour’s house – no bad thing, but that is another story.


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