Beltane Braces

Rather late in the day, Beltane greetings to all. I can’t justify the title, other than I liked the sound of it. Maybe it is about bracing myself to compose this post. A combination of a late night last night and a busy day ahead precluded me from greeting the sunrise this morning, and I daresay a burst of enthusiastic drumming to greet the dawn would not have gone down too well with the neighbours – but no bad thing!

Strange….a vivid nightmare a couple of nights ago, perhaps presaging today – my shed and garden fence were consumed by flames. What could it mean? Burning fences rather than bridges? I watched in a detached way from my semi-detached bedroom window, and at the last minute decided to try and connect the garden hose to deal with the blaze – but too late. A hole where once the shed stood. The link with fire is clear – did I recount my memorable fire-walk of three years ago? Did I speak of my almost psychotic obsession with a local pagan woman in the build up to Beltane 5 years ago? The heart burns in a strange way.


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