Easy as ABC…for the Alpha Betically Challenged

It began with an early morning call to make a payment to my credit card account. Trying to get through the security left me feeling rather insecure about my cognitive faculties. “M is the second letter in the name Smith. What is the number of the letter z in your mother’s maiden name? Please key in your answer.” I hung up, not fully understanding what was required. Although I was at my office desk, I was clearly not yet fully awake – not an unusual occurrence, I must admit.

The next episode was a couple of days later when I unusually took the train to work (I mean, travelled by train, not actually bringing a train into the workplace – maybe that’s for a future posting). The announcer announced, as was in his nature and probably job description too, that the carriages were configured in a not exactly alphabetical manner (I am paraphrasing here) – don’t you hate it when trains come into the station in reverse alphabetical order, as if commuting wasn’t stressful enough already? The icing on the cake was when he announced that people with reservations for carriage A would find them in carriage L. Thankfully I did not have a reservation. But I was secure in the knowledge as to where the “z” came in my mother’s maiden name. We have to hold onto these little lifelines.


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