Mending Fences and Saying Goodbye

The rain has returned, such a contrast to recent days that felt more like late May, a warm prelude to summer. The magnolia tree is in full glorious bloom, the precious few short weeks that remind us why we keep it. Two weekends ago saw me mending fences with my neighbour, in a literal rather than metaphorical sense. It was one of those jobs that had been lurking around for a while, sometimes catching me unawares, the fence panels leaning against the wall seeming to taunt me. Followers of my other blog – “my other blog is just a little weekend run around, this is my posh one” – will know that DIY and I do not sit comfortably together. In fact, if it was about sitting comfortably rather than struggling with strange tools in strange positions, then it might be higher on my list of delights. For me, DIY stands for “Don’t Involve Yourself”. One of the challenges is that before you can do one thing you have to do something else. In this case, I had to paint the shed first. But before then to buy the paint. Before then to choose which product…and so forth (or backwards). And then there is the clearing away….anything involving me and products that have to be applied to a surface is like letting Jackson Pollock loose in a paint factory – it is by sheer good fortune that anything finds itself applied to the intended surface.

On a more serious note, the goodbye was for someone I knew but sadly never got to know better. Sunshine streamed through the stained glass windows to the sound of a bagpipe lament. There is no more to be said.


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