Contemplations on Father’s Day

We drove to the edge of town, the distant lights twinkling in the clear night. We found a suitable place to stop from where we could view the sky. It was to be away from the lights that we came here, to view a far more distant and ancient light. The glowing head of a comet, so cold, so far away. It was warm in the car, protected from the chill of the night. There was also a closeness between father and son. A shared moment. I also felt a strange sadness. The comet, so alien and alone. A cold and distant object.

We drove to the little bay with a view of Southampton water. Father and son in another shared moment. This time it was father in the role of son. We saw the huge ship make her way majestically – appropriately so, because she was the Queen Mary II – towards the port. A distant object, silent from where we stood.

Motifs for cold, silent and distant objects abound. We must create warmth, break the silences and embrace closeness.


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