There is only so much nonsense one can cope with in a day, and a day in our NHS creates more than enough nonsense. As if Mondays weren’t bad enough, we have to endure the afternoons in multi-disciplinary team meetings that somehow slow the passage of time, as if our discussions create a glutinous substance that physically impedes the progress of the second hand of the clock on the wall.

Today I had enough. Yet another piece of bureaucratic nonsense was brought to our attention, another meaningless task we will have to perform, another box to tick so we can tick the box to say we have ticked the other box. Bureaucracy exists to justify its own existence, devoid of soul, dissociated from life, its robotic march is a curse, a process which will create a policy about bullying and harassment at the same time as engaging in a form of bullying and harassment.

My main contribution to the meeting? Only to say that I thought it was a child conceived in Hell.


3 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. Good piece. Totally agree. They killed the steel industry the same way. Smother it with incompetent managers and mindless bureaucracy then say “See it does not work”. The same is happening in education.

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