Double Negative Thursday

A mildly challenging start to the working day, after walking the leaves-strewn and wet dark streets to a different office location this morning. There were numerous little posters placed seemingly randomly over the glass doors for the various companies and organisations within this particular building, each with a telephone number to call for attention. This reminds me of another building I often visit, where the sign on the buzzer says “Ring for Attention”. When someone answered, I said that I wanted attention. They were a little taken aback, but I think they look forward to my visits.

Anyway, as I was trying to make sense of these messages, I saw another sign pointing to the array of buzzers on the entry system – or, more accurately in this case, the non-entry system.  It read “None of the buzzers are not working”. My buzzer pressing finger poised in mid-air like a misguided missile as my mind tried to comprehend the tangled message. I chose to call the number, and took it upon myself to point out (my finger was put to good use in the end) the double negative which was an additional stress in a busy day. I think they look forward to my next visit too.


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