A Dry Month Begins

The Last Glass of Wine

Happy New Year !!
A challenging start to 2013 – I have signed up for “Dryathlon”(TM) to raise money for Cancer Research UK. The challenge is to abstain from alcohol for the whole of January, starting from 09.00 hrs. I was partly tempted to start the day with a Bucks Fizz, but I can still feel the lingering effects of the wine from last night, my last sip being around 00.40. If anyone wishes to sponsor my brave attempts, here is the link – http://www.justgiving.com/dryathlete-derek-lee 

I hope to record my progress on a daily basis in this blog and to reflect on the role of alcohol in my life over the years. The main purpose of the exercise is self-interest, to try to get my weight back under control, and removing alcohol will help in this endeavour. I usually have a glass or two of red wine with my evening meal but “rarely” drink to the point of feeling inebriated. So it will be about changing my habits, and in particular finding alternative strategies to unwind after a busy day at work. It is important to ritualise the end of the working day and to mark the weekends, and I will need to find other ways of achieving this. If I can raise money for a good cause in the process, then this adds an extra incentive and everyone wins.

Example of a Photograph
I intend to write daily for the whole of 2013 as far as possible – on the mundane aspects of life in the slow lane, on existential matters, on whatever occurs to me at the time. And if nothing occurs to me? White space to contemplate. Or a photograph.


One thought on “A Dry Month Begins

  1. There are non-alcoholic wines, etc, available!Seriously, as I see it – you have two options:1) Rearrange your life so that things like eating are not important.Or2) Burn up your physical energy through mental exercise – writing, photography, etc.

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