Saturday Night Normothermia

Another quiet night in, keeping myself busy with various web-based activities, hyperactive spider that I am. The screenplay for my proposed film about a Saturday night at home was not enthusiastically received by the studio. I imagined Alan Bennett taking the lead, supported by a surgical sock and Meg Ryan as the love interest. The soundtrack would have such abstinence-themed classics as “Lemonade Supernova”, “Cigarettes and Juice”, “Milk in the Jar” and “(No need to) Show Me the Way Home”.

I am not affected at all by not drinking….

Good news for anyone not sure about how to support this exciting venture – you can donate by text with your  UK mobile for FREE anytime you feel the need to buy me a drink.

Text  PSYC99 £x  to 70070 – where “x” is the number of pounds (1, 2, 3, 5 or 10).

Just think, every time you are overcome by generosity, Cancer Research UK will benefit.

New feature….

Alcohol Info Shots – #1
Methyphobia is a morbid fear of alcohol.
Oenophobia is a morbid fear of wine.

So, cast aside those fears and support one thirsty Dryathlete. The link again –


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