Mundane Monday

The title says it all. An unexciting and uninspiring day at the office, with the bonus of a trip to Luton. The good news is that I made a bit of progress with feeding the beast which is the work-based Daily Diary data devouring machine. The backlog of data is slowly shrinking, probably in direct proportion to the rate my interest is also shrinking. I think data improves with age, like a good wine – [Don’t mention the wine! Remember, we are dealing with a dedicated Dryathlete here, have some consideration] – or cheese. My advice is to put it in a corner away from direct sunlight and cover it with a miscellany of old newspapers and corporate propaganda. When anyone asks for it, feign confusion and befuddlement, muttering something along the lines of “I’m sure I saw it the other day”.

Alcohol Info Shots #3
It is widely believed that the shape of Champagne glasses was taken from moulds of Marie Antionette’s breasts.

This gave rise to her most infamous and often misquoted quote –  “Let them eat cup cakes”.

If you are even mildly amused or edified by the above, why not support Del’s valiant adventures in abstinence?


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