Teetotal Tuesday

I like a bit of alliteration, but it is not a problem. I can take it or leave it. Not only is it teetotal Tuesday, but thus far every day this year has been one of sustained abstinence from alcohol – and all for such a good cause. I make no apologies for reminding regular followers of my blog that I am trying to raise money for Cancer Research UK in their sponsored Dryathlon.

However, I try to keep this entertaining and educational. I have built my blog on the Reithian principles underlying the BBC, although this fine institution has lost some of its shine in recent weeks. My blog will not become tarnished – it will be a beacon, a flame, a testimony to the human spirit. At least 365 posts ranging from the mundane to the slightly interesting, from the absurd to the slightly less absurd – a breadth and depth other writers can only dream of! Oh how you will welcome New Year’s Eve if you stay the course.

I observed two things today.

  • A lot of seagulls swooping low over the River Great Ouse in Bedford. I imagine they came up on the morning train from Brighton, a bit of a day out, a chance to do some inland shopping.
Seagull Waiting for Train to Bedford
  • A sign on a door which said “For the memory clinic, please ring the bell”. If it rang a bell for me, then I probably wouldn’t need the memory clinic.
Alcohol Info Shots #4
Staropramen is Czech for “Old Spring”.
Just the ticket to give you a bit of bounce.

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