Misty Morning

Early morning mist clings half-heartedly to the fields, and through this thin curtain I see the slowly turning blades of the wind turbines. It is harvest time on the wind farm and the venticultural workers scurry to and fro with their baskets of balloons. It is not quite “Gorillas in the Mist”, but it is Burton Latimer.

Other than this, it has been a fairly normal sort of day. Washed a few piglets, saw some clients and struggled again with martial arts. And (di)still no alcohol.

Alcohol Info Shots #6
The Manhattan cocktail (whisky and dry Vermouth) was invented by Winston Churchill’s mother.

Sponsorship is not taking off in a big way yet, so as an incentive I will post an embarrassing picture of myself in pre-abstinence days once I reach 50% of my £200 target. You have been warned.


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