Foggy Friday

The advantages of being a dedicated DryAthlete become more apparent as the number of days of abstinence begin to mount. This morning the fogginess was in the air rather than in my head. I drove out of town on the Northampton road, glimpsing the vineyards of Kettering stretching towards the lower foothills and invisibility.

An unremarkable day in the office, mostly because I never actually visited my own office today. I am an itinerant psychologist, an errant knight in the world of mental health, favours trailing from the wing mirrors of my psychomobile as I slay dragons and banish negative thoughts. I am a cogknightive behavioural therapist.

Friday evening is a psychological hurdle when it comes to resisting the lure of the grape, but one that I am able to clear successfully.

Alcohol Info Shots # 7
There is a distinction between British wine and English wine. The former is made from imported grapes, while the latter is made from grapes grown in England (but not Kettering).


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