Second Sunday of Abstinence

St Giles, Wadenhoe

So, the second Sunday has arrived and thus far it is looking good. Need to get that sponsorship coming in though, so perhaps today’s tale will help.

I have been put seriously to the test today. What started out as a late afternoon jaunt to a nearby country park for a bit of low-light photography – sun setting over the reservoir – followed by a trip to the gym (for the first time in months, so it would have been a significant event) – turned into an expensive and embarrassing encounter between my car and a metal post. Quick retreat home, shaken, in need of a drink, but otherwise unharmed. How lovely it would have been to
have had a shot of vodka, and/or a warming glass of red wine?! But no,dedicated DryAthlete that I am, I turned to a cup of tea and some emergency chocolate. Well done me. To buy me a virtual drink and support Cancer Research UK, just text PSYC99 £2 to 70070 – no network charges either!

Alcohol Info Shots # 9
The corkscrew was first patented in 1795.

And a new occasional feature…

Alcohol Quotes # 1
“During one of my treks through Afghanistan, we lost our corkscrew. We were compelled to live on food and water for several days”. [W. C. Fields, 1880 – 1946]


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