Just One Day

This has been a day of doing very little, apart from trying to sort out stuff arising from my little incident yesterday with the metal post. The garage was unable to collect the car because it had received so many requests over the weekend, so they will come tomorrow. The car hire company called me first thing to say that the car I had booked and confirmed on the internet was in fact not available, and advised me to try elsewhere. How helpful. In the end, I had to take an impromptu annual leave day and spent most of it watching strange TV quizzes I had never hard of, such as “Perfection” and “Tipping Point”. I did  not sleep too well last night (hence quote below) and so got up to catch up with “Casualty” at 2.00 a.m. However, I remain abstinent, great Dryathlete that I am!

Surely there can be no doubts about my determination to succeed in this adventure, so why not risk making a donation now?! Remember, once I reach 50% of my target I will post a drunken picture of myself.

Alcohol Info Shots #10
Dom Perignon is famous for inventing the Champagne cork.

Alcohol Quotes # 2
“Basically, I’m for anything that gets you through the night – be it prayers, tranquillisers or a bottle of Jack Daniel’s” [Frank Sinatra]


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