Woozle-free Wednesday

How lovely to see the snowy fields and the delicate lace-adorned trees coyly trying to hide in the morning mist on my very careful drive to work today. This is in contrast to the foggy conditions heading home on the M1 early this evening. All in a day’s work for your favourite itinerant and errant psychologist in his hired psychomobile, less adorned with favours flying from the wing mirrors but still so earnest in his quest to banish negative thinking, the thinking person’s cogknightive therapist rides again.  He has had to test a few of his little tricks on himself this week, so he knows they work. PsychoDynamo – the human generator for a generation. {Note to self – work on this a bit}.

I was tempted to stop and take some photographs, but I was running a bit late and I did not want to risk pulling in somewhere and hitting one of those cleverly disguised and cunning metal posts again. So here is one I took earlier….
Snowy Tree from Another Day and Place
Alcohol Info Shots # 11
Awash, boiled, fried, lathered, illuminated, pie-eyed, scrooched, stinko, squiffy and woozled are all terms used by P. G. Wodehouse to describe the state of inebriation.

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