Psycho Trek

As planned, I took the train to work today to avoid the hazards of the road. I wore my lovely walking boots, to keep my feet warm and dry, and to prevent myself from slipping over. Sensible.

Exciting footwear to help me towards a mundane day. A nice juxtaposition. Hardly Tensing approaching the foothills of the Himalayas. Hardly Hillary ascending towards the sky. Hardly Captain Kirk mounting the bridge of the Enterprise. Hardly Hardy mounting….but enough. Your favourite itinerant and errant psychologist was more insipid than intrepid, more coldly going than boldly going,  to eventually arrive at a split infinitive rather than infinity.

Above all, back in the warmth of home, he remains abstinent from alcohol despite all the temptations and good reasons he has to drink this evening. I know you would love to mark this achievement by sponsoring his campaign to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. You know you want to.

It has been a busy day at work…


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