Penultimate Thursday

One more week of abstinence from alcohol stretches before me like an ice slide, although I am not anticipating any slips. I have metaphorical crampons to help me keep a grip on my alcohol-free lifestyle. These are similar to the crampons that also help me to keep a grip on reality, but some people may think that I should get a refund on them. There are a number of on-line metaphor stores that cater for the metaphorically minded if you want to go down this path, but icy conditions could cause problems.  You might be better off going to the Allegory Gallery, or down-market to the Simile Shop which is as easy as pie, but does not actually sell any pies.

Metaphor I: Life is a bouncy castle

Metaphor II: Life is a river
A slow drive to Dunstable this morning, a couple of cancelled appointments in Bedford, and so the day passed. The usual antics at martial arts this evening, but I did feel a bit more flexible after my yoga class yesterday. I think this will be good for me –  although if I can’t remember the differences between cat, dog and pigeon, there could be pet-shop mayhem.

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