Fourth Sunday in Abstinence

Church on Lundy Island

 The fourth Sunday in Abstinence is traditionally dedicated to hope. We are approaching the end of a month of self-imposed abstinence from alcohol to raise funds for Cancer Research UK, and the prospect of a glass of wine on Friday evening will be enough to carry me through the week.

It has been a fairly easy day, a tedious morning spent completing my tax return and a very enjoyable evening sharing a delicious meal with friends. A glass of wine would have been nice, but there is no way I’m going to fall at the final hurdle, dedicated Dryathlete that I am.

The only sad thing about Sunday evenings is that Monday morning is not far away. The weekend hours seem so precious, but they slip like quicksilver through my fingers. The hours of the working week slither like a slow-worm through the long grass of a hot summer afternoon. In some meetings, it is as though the slow-worm is pulling a heavy weight. Whither hope? Hey Mr Slow Worm, unburden thyself and get a wriggle on!


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