Data Flow Monday

The day started in a lovely way, meeting my friend Debs on the way to the station this morning. From there, it could only be downhill. I have spent most of the working day engrossed in a data flow mapping exercise, trying to get to grips with the spread-sheet which was spread before me like a bizarre picnic blanket. Inputting the data about the data did not take much time in itself, it was all the preparatory stuff that ate up the hours. Some emails to send, printing things off, reading, thinking about it, deciding to do something different first, making a cup of tea, more thinking, another cup of tea, complete a few lines, brain completely bereft of ideas. I think my employers should provide a USB connector for my head and plug me straight into the system. My thoughts could form part of this great data river. No swimming or fishing allowed without a licence from the information governance team.

Despite all this, I remain abstinent from alcohol. To buy me a virtual drink after such a trying day and to raise some money for Cancer Research UK, you can text PSYC99 £x to 70070 free of charge, where x = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10. Thank you.

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