Last Night of Sobriety

At last, the final day of sobriety, temperance, and abstinence – after a month of amazing self-control, self-denial, selfless dedication to the cause. Now is the time to dig deep and show your admiration and appreciation for this incredible achievement, and support the work of Cancer Research UK! To help you take this step, to offer a little encouragement, I have posted another suspect image from my private collection of suspect images of myself.

What else has been taking my attention today? Well, there are my thoughts about “Mobiles in the Mist”, which I may feature at some point on my posh blog. Alpha male gorillas show their power and dominance by beating their chests loudly. The urban equivalent seems to be those who speak loudest on their mobile phones. This morning, there was a guy a good few yards behind me who was doing exactly this. Luckily I was able to keep a low profile in the long grass, although I caused a bit of a splash in the water hole and disturbed a herd of gazelles.

On the work front, I managed to wash a few piglets today and put a few things in order. I uncovered a tickler file with “Monday” written on it. Tickler files are a way of ensuring that things get done on the right day, a tip I picked up many years ago from a book on time management. Somewhere I have files for the other days of the working week, and for the following week and month and so on. However, in reality, everything seems to end up in the Monday file, and most of the stuff ends up not getting done. Who wants to be tickled on a Monday?

This marks the end of an era, but please feel free to stop by anytime. I intend to keep the blog going for the whole year, notwithstanding the times I will be out of the country. You will be treated to mundane details about my daily life, occasional insights, a little humour, maybe some photos, and information/links to my other web-based projects – I am, after all, Harry the hyperactive arachnid.

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