New Shoes and a Visit

Life is back to normal in the lovely market town of Kettering, far from the sea and reality. Two events of significance today – I bought a new pair of shoes and my son paid a flying visit on his way to an engagement party in Leicester, and next week he is off to Florida on business. How lovely to live our lives through our children – my work never takes me beyond Luton and Dunstable, although there is the occasional rare trip out to Pitsea or Thurrock in Essex. How about a little picture of seagull boy in Southend…

Birdman of Southend

The commitment to a new pair of shoes is significant in that it shows my determination to stride forward in life, proud, without the risk of twisting my ankle because of worn down heels. I will walk tall both here in Kettering, and further afield in places like Luton – but not necessarily in a field.

I am looking forward to my photography trip tomorrow, but there has been a change of plan – due to rain and snow issues, we will be giving the embankment a miss and instead we will be heading for Marston Vale forest centre (a lovely project to reclaim natural habitats after years of industrialisation by the brick-making industry centred on Stewartby on the outskirts of Bedford). More tomorrow if I remain in focus. And finally, another shot from Southend…

“Don’t run off with my shoes”

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