The photography workshop was very educational, but a true artist has to suffer, and being exposed to the elements this morning certainly put us to the test. This hobby can be expensive because of all the photographic equipment one is tempted to buy, but there are additional costs in terms of in(thermal)vesting in some good outdoor clothing. I was pleased I brought my walking/talking boots but missed out on the woolly hat.

We took pictures of reeds blowing in the wind to learn how to freeze movement or to go with the flow, of trees and posts to practise our focusing and depth of field skills, and of a pond with assorted surroundings to experiment with light meter readings. I took over 200 hundred pictures – I think they will be very entertaining to show friends at some point, if they have 2 hours of their lives they don’t want back again and can cope with 50 shots of reeds (holiday snapshot nightmare!).

Reed All About It!


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