Monday Musings

It was a shock to the system this morning when my alarm sounded, dragging me out of a deep sleep at 07.00. Could it really be Monday morning already? What happened to the weekend?

Once I had absent-mindedly completed my morning rituals, then I started to feel better. In the end, it turned out to be a fairly easy day, dealing with the incoming emails as though they were ducks at a fairground. Except I didn’t win a goldfish or plaster ornament.

Typically, after the uniform greyness of a monochromatic Sunday, today would have been a lovely day for photographs – bright sunshine, blue skies and some interesting clouds. At least there is the promise of Spring, even though we have plenty more cold days to get through according to recent weather alerts. And the drive home starts to be mostly in daylight now.

And so to the news of the day, with a skeletal theme. Firstly, the confirmation that the skeleton found under a car park in Leicester is indeed that of King Richard III. Secondly, the truth clatters like a skeleton out of Chris Huhn’s cupboard as he admits to perverting the course of justice by persuading his then-wife to take the hit for a speeding fine. It would seem that his political career is also heading to the cemetery. So, one buried under a car park, one buried by a motoring offence. There is poetry everywhere if you look closely.


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