Supermarket Comrades

The weekly trip to the supermarket is a prominent feature of my Saturdays. Today it was marked by meeting two comrades from the local Labour party – we were councillors together a good few years ago. The first encounter was in the fruit and vegetable section, where we exchanged a few comments about entertaining, cooking and the study of philosophy and logic. Logic to a backdrop of cucumbers and mushrooms.  All cucumbers are vegetables. I am a cucumber. Therefore I am a vegetable.

The second encounter was even more surreal. This was outside the store. I was pushing my trolley along the covered walkway towards where my car was parked – it would have been illogical to go in any other direction under the circumstances – and I heard a voice call my name from a little below me. My colleague was descending with her trolley on the de-escalator to the lower car park level – presumably, I deduced with impeccable logic, to where she had parked her car. We had a short and bizarre conversation as the vertical distance between us increased (from x to y in the helpful diagram below).


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