Composure and Composition

The day began with clearing the snow from my car which I didn’t clear yesterday, but now it was frozen on. At least I didn’t have the walk to the station and instead gave my arms some exercise with the scraper.

I was interviewing for locum staff today, so hurriedly had to compose some suitably penetrating questions. I was unable to make any links with the sudden retirement of the Pope, although some might have seen my post in another place yesterday which wondered why I have to give three months notice while the pope gave less than a month’s notice. Maybe psychologists are harder to replace. Keep an eye open for my next enpsychlical – sorry to recycle this one!

Composition was the main theme in camera class tonight – how to turn a snapshot into a crackshot. It is about the rule of thirds (“third time lucky”), golden means, lines, curves, corners, echoes, patterns and textures. I begin to get the picture.

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