Anonymise and Harmonise

This was the phrase that came to me this afternoon when I was preparing teaching materials for Friday. I had cut and pasted sections from various psychological reports I had written to provide examples of how to present concise CBT case conceptualisations. I needed to remove the names of clients and to structure the layout in a consistent style. Hence anonymise and harmonise. I think I will look for other opportunities to use this pleasing phrase.

It was a pleasant drive to Bedford this morning, a light mist insinuating itself across the frosty fields. By this afternoon, we were enjoying bright sunshine and blue skies, against which I saw the large circus tent near the embankment. Unfortunately there was not a convenient place to stop to take a photograph.

Let’s be honest, not too many people are following this blog, I think it is an acquired taste, like good bitter. I may need to integrate it with one of my other blogs which have been neglected of late.

Now, this all started to record my month of abstinence from alcohol. Successful abstinence in an attempt to raise funds for Cancer Research UK in their Dryathlon campaign.

Here is the good news – you have until  the end of the month to contribute if you have not already done so! Take a look at some of the earlier posts to remind yourself or acquaint yourself with the quality of this blog – candid pictures, quotes, and facts about alcohol. A few more pounds and I will post a picture of myself looking the worse for wear and almost wearing a shirt.

If you do not want to contribute online, you can do it by mobile for free – just text PSYC99 £x to 70070, where x = 1,2,3,5 or 10.

Thank you. Anonymise and harmonise.


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