Friday at Last

The teaching did not take place today due to an administrative hiccough, but had it gone ahead my voice was in fine shape today. Two drives to the lovely ancient town of Dunstable due to bad planning on my part, and thankful that I was able to do a swerve today and get off the M1 in time to miss a large tail-back due to a vehicle fire. For once, the traffic reports worked in my favour, even if they interrupted my enjoyment of my Motown Anthems.

Some interesting issues have arisen in my work with clients this week. The challenge of hearing voices from two Gods, and the distinction between being “picked on” and “chosen”. We live within boundaries of varying degrees of permeability, and I think that understanding this is fundamental to understanding our relationships with others – how the lessons from early life become translated or manifested in our later lives. Are we all doomed to repeat the mistakes of our past? Formulation is like completing a jig-saw puzzle, but we can never be sure that we have all the pieces, and without the picture to guide us, what we think is a sunflower in a vase may turn out to be a dandelion in a cracked tumbler.

Oh, this is too much for a Friday night, especially now that I am on holiday for a week!

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