It was curious to note that when we were waiting at the baggage reclaim indicator board on our return from Iceland – and please take a look at my holiday snaps! – , four of us were standing in the same order as we were sitting on the plane. This unplanned occurrence suggests that the flight had created a strange affinity between us – notwithstanding that one of the people in this airport tableau was my wife – even though we had not interacted with the other two passengers during the flight. Maybe strange gravitational forces are created due to speed and altitude that persist when we disembark. This needs to be researched further, lest one is prone to follow a fellow passenger through the wrong exit channel at Customs, or even to the wrong car park, bus stop, hotel, town…the consequences could range from the embarrassing to the catastrophic. It could be conceptualised as a form of aviation imprinting.

There was a brief echo of this during my supermarket shopping this morning – a woman apologised for talking to me because she thought I was her friend. Maybe sometime in the past we shared a flight.


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