Friday Feelings

So, another week draws to a close. Nothing dramatic this week, just tickling over, free-wheeling, looking to get into gear for next week. There is always next week, the best reason for not doing it today.

It has been a horrible day in the Bedfordshire valleys and Northamptonshire steppes, driving to work in heavy mist again, a mist that never lifted, and returning home in even worse visibility.

Oh, just noticed I put “tickling” instead of “ticking” in the first paragraph. Too good to change – I think tickling over is a far better description of the week. It may not be accurate, but it sure sounds like more fun.

Only discovery of the day is that you can buy duvet pegs. You put them at the corners of the duvet cover when you try to shake in the duvet. I don’t know how I lived without them. Before their existence, presumably the land was awash with duvets without covers, gazed upon by bemused citizens.


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