So, here is the first post on the integrated blog since I imported the posts from Del’s Daily Diary.  The first thing we learn is that most days are fairly bland and my pond of creativity shows no sign of activity, its surface like a mirror reflecting the grey sky. This morning, the edges of the blades of the wind turbines in Burton Latimer reflected a little of the struggling sun, warriors twirling swords in anticipation of victory.

On the drive home, a few gentle snowflakes falling from a dramatic sky that threatened so much more, but also displayed a gentle pink glow in places, and fiery yellow as the sun slid towards the horizon on a cushion of cloud. If you stare long enough and hard enough at the surface of the pond, small ripples start to appear, and with a little teasing and tickling sometimes a wee idea can be fished out and placed with pride on a platter.

This started out as a “lemon” post but I’m minded to upgrade it to “wistful”. It has been a good day.

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