Construction Site

Well, today has been a busy day for little William the website builder. It feels that I am cemented to my chair, so engrossed have I been in trying to build my latest on-line venture. Given the bitter cold weather, I suppose it was not a bad way to spend my day off the real world of work.

Now, I know that playing around with HTML and CSS is not physically demanding work as would be found on a proper construction site, but it has been intellectually challenging and at times frustrating. Getting elements to line up in the right way is akin to making sure the wall is going up straight and level. Having to visit different websites in search of code or guidance is akin to running up and down the ladder with a hod of bricks. And messing about with colors and little flourishes is the work of a decorator or interior designer. There are no aching limbs, apart from some over-worked fingers, but my brain is beginning to protest. It needs to slow down, it needs a diversion. Notwithstanding all of this,  I feel I have made good progress, I have put some waterproof covers over it and, unless there is a very strong electromagnetic pulse, I do not think it will collapse overnight.

I am not yet ready for the great unveiling, the web-based equivalent of “topping off” (or is it “topping out”?), but please be assured you will be among the first to know. I might even break open a bottle of Champagne when the time arrives. As for William the website builder having merchandising possibilities, then I’m not sure. Witness the failure of Metaphorical Fireman Del to be a Christmas toy success.


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