Comedy in Kettering

A lovely evening at Kettering Arts Centre to see Sean Lock try out some new material. It is quite surreal being in a church and listening to a  comedy routine that challenges our fundamental beliefs about sanctity.

I began to have fantasies about my own pretension of being a comedian. I think I would be more of a couch comedian than a stand-up comedian – not only a more louche and laid-back approach, but also a reference to my work as a psychologist (although I have never had a couch). I see myself as a DIY store that has good material but falls short on delivery. I don’t think I have the stage presence to perform, I should stick to trying to write funny things.

I could probably get away with a bit of slapstick too, given my mild dyspraxia and tendency to bump into things.

I have gone with “lemon” for today’s category because I have just missed the midnight posting time and the post is neither wry nor wistful.


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