A Flat Day

Lovely start to the day when I discovered that I had a flat tyre when I arrived at work this morning. So that was why the car felt a bit strange to drive! Up to my office for a couple of urgent emails, then back to the car park with my foot pump, building on the exercises I did at martial arts last night. My left leg is now a lethal weapon. Thankfully the puncture was not so great that the tyre could not hold any air. I quickly jumped in and drove to the tyre and exhaust place just up the road from where I work. I imagine the partners of those who work there must get fed up when they ask what sort of day they’ve had and they say “Oh, the usual – tiring and exhausting, should have had more breaks” (they do brakes as well).

Other than that, it has been a good day. Did a few bits and pieces this morning and then lunch with colleagues at an italian restaurant to say goodbye to one of them who was on the verge of taking her maternity leave. Everyone’s pronunciation of the dishes was kindly corrected or shaped by the waiter. I was slow in making my choice and explained that I was trying to find something on the menu that I could pronounce.


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