Another Sunday

It seems to have been a day of comings and goings, in and out of my car to deliver and collect assorted members of the family. Between times and for most of the evening, I have made further progress with my new website, but there is still much to do before I am ready to launch it.

The tail-end of the weekend now finds me tired and lacking inspiration, and not particularly looking forward to the next two days of mandatory PMVA training. I thought it was about selling double-glazing, but apparently it is a bit more involved than that. I shall probably sit in class looking double-glazed. More exciting details in tomorrow’s post, plus the “reveal” for those of you who do not know what the initials stand for. Oh, secondary to being a couch comedian, I could have been a thriller writer.




One thought on “Another Sunday

  1. “He don’t need no education – he don’t need no thought control – Hey Teacher, Leave that Psychologist alone!” (Apologies to whoever had a hit with “Another Brick In The Wall” but I couldn’t resist!)

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