Not One to Crow

Today is the vernal equinox, when the hours of darkness and daylight become almost equal as we move towards the longer days of summer. I think we can apply the same principle to our daily working lives. Take MDT meetings for example. The vernal equinox of the MDT would occur at the mid-point, when we are as close to the end as we are to the start. The only problem here is that we only know this point in retrospect because the length of meetings varies week to week. Or we could take a more global perspective – the MDT vernal equinox is that point when you spend as much time in meetings as you do out of them. We could elaborate further by introducing the winter solstice – when more hours are spent in meetings than out of them, and to balance the picture, the summer solstice when we spend more hours out of meetings than in them, oh joy!

To bring some sanity to the day, I attended my yoga class this evening. For the first time I managed to get into the crow position – balancing on my hands in a crouching, leaning forward kind of way. My feet were off the ground for only a couple of seconds, but it is a start. Next time I will probably leave the ground completely. I should not view levitation with such levity.


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