My Inbox Loves Me

First day back at work after the Easter holiday.

Two messages:
1. Ice on the windscreen. Again. Please, it is no longer January.

2. Lots of sunshine today. Unlike when I had two days at the seaside last week.

Not sure what the messages mean though.

And lots of lovely messages in my email inbox when I got to the office. This means I have been missed, it means that I am loved, for how sad would it be to return to no new messages? It would feel that I was being excluded, that I was not important. Of course, it included invites to meetings I do not want to attend, minutes of meetings I’m not interested in, requests for this and that, the usual propaganda about the organisation, adverts for jobs elsewhere, flyers for conferences, stuff about the purgatory of mandatory training – do I want to train to be a fire training cascader? Only if they issue me with a yellow helmet and a badge.

It is so important to re-frame the bits of daily life that get us down. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, the only thing worse than a full inbox is an empty inbox. It is good to have something to ignore at the end of the day.


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