It would be a gross misuse of language to describe my activities over the Bank Holiday weekend as “gardening”. Similarly, I did not attend to the lawn. This is misuse of both “attend” and “lawn”.

I spent several hours attacking the grassland which masquerades as lawn with a pair of shears because the various grasses were too high for the mower. I also attacked the weeds at the front of the house, giving them a bit of a scare.  I have had enough. That’s “job done” until next Spring. Bring on the snow – at least my garden will look the same as the neighbours’ then.

So, I have returned to this blog after a little break. I was busy throughout April posting a poem a day on my poetry blog and then needed a little rest to allow my creative energy to reach a suitable level. As you will note, I apply the same strategy to gardening, but the recovery period is substantially longer for the latter. My reward, using the well-known Premack Principle – i.e. low frequency behaviour can be increased by making access to high frequency behaviours contingent upon engaging in low-frequency behaviour -, was an alcohol-free beer and a little photography expedition this afternoon. As follows…

treeframe2_3486  deadtree1_3487leaves1_3496

One thought on “Gardening

  1. Ah this gave me a giggle! I have to admit mowing the lawn is a job I only do when it’s absolutely necessary! Your photos are lovely, the close-up of the tree is my favourite 🙂 x

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