Saying Goodbye to Raymond

Today they came to take Raymond away, my friend for the past three months who suddenly appeared in my life and grew before my eyes. He changed my view of the road ahead, added a little sparkle when he caught the first of the morning light and the last rays of the setting sun on my drives to and from work.

He was a reminder that we all have flaws, that our perception of the world can be distorted in many subtle ways. There were times when I was frustrated by his presence, when I feared that he might grow out of control, and I looked forward to the day he would be taken away. Now I feel slightly guilty about his rapid removal, to be replaced unceremoniously and with surgical precision by a windscreen that gives an unblemished view of the road ahead – it is as though there is nothing there, looking through nothingness to where I am heading, literally and metaphorically.

Say “hello” to Christine my pristine windscreen.

Note to Confused of Consett – this post will make more sense if you also look at


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