Swimming with Sardines

In these austere times we need to lower our expectations. I have been looking for holiday opportunities and came across this great offer. It is often not recognised what an affinity we have with sardines, and I’m sure this is mutual. Anyone who has travelled in London during the rush hour will already have  had a taste of this affiniity, and I’m sure many more people will have actually tasted sardines.

I was contemplating starting a new Blog to record random daily thoughts, or re-starting http://www.delsdailydiary.blogspot.com, but technical difficulties with the latter prevented this and conceptual difficulties with the former created an immmediate barrier, so I will stick with what I have and make more use of the “lemon” category for my more mundane ramblings. The title of this post was a contender for the new blog title, but it seemed a bit too specific and specialised for the job I wanted it to do – to go with the flow, to drift, with no particular goal, just being. A bit like work today.


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