Going Down in the World

There seems to be a theme developing over my last couple of posts. I was sitting at the desk in my office today oblivious to everything – as is often the case at work – but I was alert enough to recognise that my view of the world was quickly changing.  I had not experienced sudden enlightenment, my opinions about he world at large had not changed,  but I noticed that my desk was growing taller and the screen of my laptop was also ascending to heights and resolutions it could not have dreamt of.

A quick re-appraisal – I was shrinking. Del, the amazing shrinking psychologist. The shrinking shrink. Soon small enough to put in your pocket. The psychologist in your pocket. Your portable personal therapist. Press the button and you are treated to random affirmative phrases and homespun philosophy.

The answer was of course mundane. My chair had given up on me. I had let it down in some unknowable way and it had decided to do the same to me. It sank. Withdrew in to itself. And I had no idea how to return it to its original height. So I scavenged the empty offices for an inferior replacement. It could be a difficult week ahead.

Oh, tomorrow I’m back in Leighton Buzzard, watching my step…




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