Tell Me Your Dreams

An interesting encounter in Bedford Market today – someone holding a placard advertising free dream interpretation. I stopped on my way back to ask about the thinking behind this venture – I did not get a definitive answer – but did not have time to explore it further. I was eager to share my recurring dreams, those troubling motifs that can trouble our waking hours long after the dream has passed. The house with rooms you had forgotten about, the stranger at the end of the street, the World War II fighter plane that lands in your garden and the crew disappear, leaving you with a plane disposal problem (not to mention the damaged lawn), the leaking roof, ill-fitting windows, the insecure doors, the communal hallway that has an air of menace. My goodness, I could keep them busy for hours, and to what end?

Maybe I will dream about this in the meantime, and then go back in a couple of weeks and share my dreams about taking up the offer of free dream interpretation. Oh I’m so bad sometimes.



2 thoughts on “Tell Me Your Dreams

  1. I prefer my dreams to TV – much more entertaining, although I always wake up before the ending… which is a bummer…(I never know whether…)
    I find dreams very interesting – although must admit I have never sought interpretation. Do I really want to know what my mind is trying to make sense of. Sometimes I wonder if my mind is trying to tell me it is not healthy. What is my mind trying to tell me, when we arrive at the ship, ready to board, and I realise I have not applied for passports, never mind forgotten to bring them…
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]
    PS Isn’t it 14 June (I ask re your ‘posting date’)?

    1. Mmm. Dream interpretation by blog comments. Let’s give it a go. The obvious link is “missing the boat”. Possibly reflects ambivalence about taking the chances and opportunities that life presents you with? Health warning – not to be taken seriously! 🙂

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