The Yogurt Pot of Knowledge

Yogurt pot with degree certificate


It feels as though I have made my way through life with a very limited amount of knowledge. I think all I know is enough to fill a small yogurt pot. The secret has been to make this knowledge go a long way, just as a spilt pot of yogurt seems to go everywhere – sometimes a day or two later you find that some has found its way into a little crevice on the kitchen worktop you didn’t even know was there.

I am sure many of you remember being faced with a blank sheet of paper in the examination hall, a blankness matched only by the emptiness in your own mind. The challenge is to spread the yogurt in a controlled way across the page, a little here, more just there to add some depth and texture, and a few smears at the edges to end with a flourish.

spilt yogurt pot


One thought on “The Yogurt Pot of Knowledge

  1. […] I am not a philosopher in the sense of  having undergone extensive training and professing to make my living out of being a philosopher, although I have attended some formal courses on Moral and Social Philosophy and the Philosophy of Science. I have learnt how to make a little knowledge go a long way – see, for example, my post The Yogurt Pot of Knowledge. […]

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