Unlocking My Mind

This is the first challenge of Writing 101 set by our friendss at WordPress. The aim is to write for twenty minutes without a particular plan or end goal, a kind of stream of consciousness, to let the thoughts flow onto the screen. Of course, no-one imagined that it could be dangerous to unlock my mind, it must have been locked in the first instance for a reason, maybe even before the horse had a chance to bolt. The wonders of foresight. Champion. Champion the Wonder Horse. I feel the lock begin to turn. It is rusty of course, we may need a little squirt of writers’ WD40. Ahh. Now where did I put the can? Probably alongside the other hardly-used but so useful to have DIY-style products on the shelf – which I put up actually, in a rare bout of genuine DIY activity some months ago – in the space under the stairs.

I should just reassure you that unlocking my mind will not pose a danger to the world at large, it is just that I’m a bit apprehensive about what trapped and repressed thoughts might emerge, squinting in the daylight – figuratively speaking, because it is now quite dark – as they take their first unsteady steps. They might not like me. They might just pack their bags and head for the hills – again, figuratively speaking, there are not too many hills in the neighbourhood – and meet up with like-minded thoughts and set up their own community.

I found the WD40. Not used for so long that I couldn’t unscrew the lid. I need another can to loosen it. Isn’t it always the way? You see what kind of trouble unfolds when you set out to do something quite simple? Just imagine what’s happening now, in front of screens across the lands, with people innocently unlocking their minds in some kind of grotesque experiment co-ordinated by an underbelly of dark literary forces. At least my mind is only half unlocked, but I can feel the thoughts pressing against the door as I write…


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