A Place to Be

The second challenge for Writing 101 – to write about a place that is special…

Autumn has made her presence felt. This morning, thick fog curled over the fields and reduced visibility on the road to work. Later in the day, I noticed conkers on the ground. While autumn has her own bittersweet melancholy, it was understandable that my mind should return to the beach at Shkorpilovtsi in Bulgaria, where the Black Sea curls and caresses the fine sand and crushed shells, where visibility is reduced by the glare of the sun, bouncing off the sea like a thousand fragments of shattered glass.

There is a synergy between my heart and the Bulgarian coastline. Nine years ago I sat on cliff-side railings overlooking the Black Sea. A silvery moon-path insinuated itself across the dark water, as if it was almost fearful of touching the surface. I wanted to reach out and embrace the woman next to me, but that would be later. At this time, she turned to me and said this was where we had to say goodbye. My heart felt like a pebble; heavy, it fell far but no-one could hear the splash.

There are special moments in our lives when we learn how we feel from our reactions – they seem to arise spontaneously, detached from any conscious thought processes, purely visceral in origin, and in this emotional furnace was forged the link between my heart and this wonderful sea. The place has become emblematic of the beginning of love, and who would not want to return there whatever the weather?


7 thoughts on “A Place to Be

  1. I think the emotional/psychological pull of the piece tied in nicely with the physical description. It truly made me wish I could see the beauty of this Sea for myself.

      1. I would love to see your photos of the Black Sea. I have an obsession with the ocean (if you couldn’t tell by my blog name — Sea of Desire!). I look forward to reading more of your challenges!

      2. Wow … thank you for sharing these!! It indeed is beautiful — your words gave this special place as much life as the photos did!!

  2. saw the link to this post on the commons but lost the post so could reply back there, so posting here…
    although i would change pebble to stone, or boulder, or something heavier…pebbles are light and i was looking for a word that expresses the weight of what you felt.
    (i hope you moderate comments so you NOT approve this, since theres a bit of constructive criticism involved…but I truly loved this piece! especially the message last paragraph, and how you described it all in the first!)

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