Serially Found

Today’s Writing 101 challenge – to write about finding something, in a broad interpretation of what this means, and to link with Day 4’s post about being lost…

I have found that the emotional template of loss is independent of age. The feelings of fear, smallness and loneliness  grew like the fruiting body of a fungus as I drove through unknown villages and lanes in darkness.

A journey that should have taken a little less than two hours ended up being closer to five hours. The problem began when I mis-read the signs at an extensive stretch of roadworks on the motorway.  I took the wrong exit and got caught up in what seemed like an endless loop, following the diversion signs but at some point choosing to improvise a bit. I headed south instead of north with the intention of coming back on the opposite side, only to find that the route was blocked at the point I first joined the loop, so I went round again. In a brave attempt to break the circle, I took another road that led me through villages and small towns I had never heard of, and with no idea of what direction I was heading. I can honestly say that I felt close to tears, probably exacerbated by tiredness and the thought of having to get up for work the following morning.

Through a process of successive approximations, I managed to get back on to the official diversion route. The diversion added at least 30 miles to the journey, following a large arc that at times was taking me further away from my intended destination.

And then came the twist – about three hours after first entering the roadworks where my problems began, I found myself there again! I’m sure you can imagine the intensity of my concentration as I slowed down and carefully read the signs. This time I took the correct exit slip road.

I found myself a more than welcome glass of red wine when I finally arrived home.


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