A Letter

Today’s Writing 101 challenge – take take a nearby book, open at page 29, note the most striking word on that page, and then write a letter that incorporates it in some way…

Dear Corpus Humani,

Well, you really think you’re something don’t you? What kind of person gives themselves a Latin name, for goodness sake? I’ll tell you, since you are in no position to reply. Oh, you thought my questions were rhetorical? You never cease to amaze me with your arrogance. As if a Latin name is not enough for you, you dabble in Greek as well. That’s classic!

I saw you the other day sitting in your chair in the corner without a care in the world.. A couple of days later you were still there. Still. And naked. YOU are the kind of person that gives themselves a Latin name.  Not content to remove your clothes, you have to strip away your flesh as well. Exposing yourself for all to see. I think it is a poor excuse to say you are an illustration in an old anatomy textbook. Where would we be if we all took that attitude? On page 29, that’s where.

Yours Ex Gratia,


P.S. Did you cancel the milk?

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