Hello World – This is Me!

Blogging 101.
Day 1.
Task 1 – Introduce myself and my blog.

Yes, I have signed up for another WordPress project! Some of you might already know a bit about me and this blog, so apologies for any repetitions. Hopefully I will be meeting some new people too.

About Me

I was very shy and timid throughout my childhood, avoiding being the centre of attention. On the school football pitch, I ran away from the ball as far as possible.

At some point things began to change, and in later life I found I wanted the attention I shunned in my early years. I think it has been my facility with words that has been my saving grace – a few well-chosen words could hide a paucity of knowledge about the subject in question  (I wrote to dazzle!). My practical and spatial skills are poorly formed, a lifetime of clumsiness, struggling with tying my shoe laces (“The rabbit goes round the tree and down the hole” – I never saw no rabbit!) and prone to making an instant mess with ink, paint and any spill-able substance. It is through the written and spoken word that I have compensated for my other skills deficits.

Hence – a career in psychology, an abiding interest in creative writing (poetry and humour) and photography for many years, but more so in the last three years.

About My Blogs

Psychology + Humour  + Creativity + Philosophy + Photography = ATTENTION 

These are the elements that make up my on-line presence. I have several blogs and run three websites. I am Harry the hyperactive arachnoid, let loose on the worldwide web.

My attention flits like a butterfly between these ventures, each project acting as a feed into the others, to such an extent that I have lost a sense of focus (quite a serious affliction for an ersatz photographer) and risk disappearing into an infinite regress of hyperlinks.

So, I hope that this new WordPress challenge will help me to find a focus, a better structure for my on-line adventures and their inter-relationships, and the much-needed discipline to post regularly and to become more involved with fellow bloggers.

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