Filosofy on Friday – I

This is a new weekly feature. More accurately, it is an aspiration – to publish something every Friday with a philosophical theme or twist. Posts may not appear on Fridays when I am consumed with existential angst. Posts may appear under this category on days that are not Fridays, causing all sorts of conflicts about meanings. And what exactly constitutes a philosophical theme or twist is at present fairly vague – a broad canvas upon which to sketch out and maybe colour-in my thoughts on a wide range of topics.

So, to the basics…

Two propositions.

I am a philosopher

I am not a philosopher

Logic tells us that both of these statements cannot be true. I am a philosopher to the extent that we are all philosophers, in the same way as we are all photographers and psychologists. I like to think about the meaning of life, and about the moral and ethical dilemmas facing us as individuals and societies.

I am not a philosopher in the sense of  having undergone extensive training and professing to make my living out of being a philosopher, although I have attended some formal courses on Moral and Social Philosophy and the Philosophy of Science. I have learnt how to make a little knowledge go a long way – see, for example, my post The Yogurt Pot of Knowledge.

If you are a serious student of philosophy, this is not the place for finding reliable academic knowledge. I write truthfully about my understanding of the world, with the caveat that it is subject to frothiness. Froth is a motif for something that is not substantial. Presented with complicated facts and concepts, I have to subject them to a process of cognitive shaking and whipping to make them digestible. While professional philosophers can dine on a substantial meal, I sit on a little stool at the end of the table sipping a frothy filosofy smoothie. You are most welcome to join me every Friday (but see above!), and I welcome your feedback and suggestions.


2 thoughts on “Filosofy on Friday – I

  1. Well you have me intrigued now. I will definite be dropping by to see what’s bubbling around in your mind! Btw, do you plan on serving raspberry mocha frappucinos with your conversation? 😀

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